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What You Get

Overall, you get a smart database and a 21st century target-marketing program. Specifically, your association gets the following:

bulletUse of the master survey form that is customized for your association
bulletThe 3-digit marketing codes for members completing the form
bulletThe YTheyJoin pie chart showing the unique distribution of member types in your association
bulletReport explaining the implications of the pie chart
bulletThe YTheyJoin Workbook with marketing ideas for each member type
bulletConsulting time
bulletAnnual renewable licensing agreement with a fixed price

The association is responsible for printing, postage, and distributing the forms, sending the completed forms to us for coding, and entering the codes into the association's membership database. We never have a copy of the association database or access to it.

The master survey is a highly-sophisticated survey instrument that measures both preference and intensity. It is extremely easy to fill out but is sophisticated in its interpretation. Instead of ranking or scales, the respondent distributes 100 points.

The 3-digit marketing code is made up of the primary member type, the strength of that type, and secondary member type.

The pie chart gives you an overview of the primary member types in your association and is very valuable in strategic planning and distributing resources. Pie charts can also be done for various sub-groups in your membership.

The report gives you a concise explanation of your members' motivations and what the pie chart means. It's very helpful to distribute this to the entire staff since there are implications for every department.

The Workbook is a step-by-step guide on how to use the YTheyJoin program. It explains the member types and has marketing strategies for each type.

Every licensing agreement includes up to five hours of consulting with the developer of and this is often used for staff training. Additional consulting time is available.


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