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21st Century Marketing - Targeted, Personal and Timely

The YTheyJoin member types and related codes enable you to do much more powerful marketing - it's targeted, personal, and timely.  It tells the member "We know what your specific needs are" and explains what you're doing in those areas. It also helps you meet any unexpected surprises that may arise for the association whether it's in public relations or proposed legislation. And it helps all departments in the organization design products and services and create new opportunities that better meet the needs of members. Here are a few examples.

Resonant Statements (Making Sure That They Hear You)

When communicating with members, such as renewal letters or welcome-aboard packets, it is much more effective to address each member by name and use a statement in the first paragraph that acknowledges their specific needs. This is called a resonant statement and it's based on their YTheyJoin code (member type). The results can be dramatic. One association used resonant statements and sent renewal letters to members lapsed a year or more. They garnered a return of 8% to 22% (rates varied by YTheyJoin member types) resulting in unexpected revenues. Some examples of resonant statements based on YTheyJoin member types are shown here.

(Mailboxer) . . . "Your time is extremely valuable and your primary involvement is through the mail or computer. You want information that is concise, relevant and up-to-date."

(Relevant Participant) . . . "When possible, you like to attend meetings to obtain relevant information or meet others in the field."

(Shaper) . . . "We know that you do, or want to, actively participate by helping to shape policy, serving on a committee, or being a chapter leader."

(Booster) . . . "We know that you are very concerned with boosting the profession's image, or with boosting your professional standing."

(Cognoscenti) . . . "You look to the XYZ Association for specialized information that is not available elsewhere."

(Altruistic) . . . "You believe in the values and the mission of XYZ Association. Our mission depends upon your support."

Real Life Success Stories

Effective Renewal Letters and More Book Sales (Same Products, Different Pitch, More Sales)

One association with Physicians and Nurses as members found that they had different proportions of YTheyJoin member types. Physicians were dominated by Cognoscenti then Altruistic, while Nurses were dominated by Altruistic then Cognoscenti. The YTheyJoin pie chart for each group revealed these dramatic differences. Marketing to Physicians as Cognoscenti-Altruistic and to Nurses as Altruistic-Cognoscenti then resulted in higher member-renewal rates and also increased book sales.

Successful Conference Promotion (Oh, I Hope More People Attend This Year Than Last Year)

One association wanted to spend money more efficiently on conference promotion. They designed different letters and resonant statements for the various YTheyJoin categories. Extra mailings that were more expensive were sent to categories likely to attend while postcards were sent to categories unlikely to attend. The savings from this strategy was over $30,000 and it also resulted in increased attendance.

Averting Disaster by Mobilizing Quickly (You Just Never Know What Government Is Going To Do)

One association needed to mobilize quickly to stop proposed state legislation at the committee level that would negatively impact its members. They did this by identifying all the Altruistics in the state who then contacted legislators and this coalition was successful in its mission. Now this network of Altruistics is managed by association employees who regularly keep in touch and spur them to action when needed at national or state levels.

Board Relations and Executive Director (Can't We All Get Along?)

A pie chart is all it takes to show the board what the members are really about! The YTheyJoin pie chart dramatically shows the unique distribution of member types in your association. For example, an association dominated by Relevant Participants and Shapers is very different from an association dominated by Cognoscenti and Altruistics. The board of one association asked why conference attendance is usually 15% of members rather than 30%, and the YTheyJoin pie chart revealed the answer. The member types most likely to attend were closer to 15% of the association members rather than 30%.

Publications (Why Print It If Nobody Knows About It?)

One of the most popular and effective strategies that you can implement with YTheyJoin codes is to strengthen the ties to the association with the member types having loose ties such as Mailboxers. At the end of the year send these members an Annual Index of Articles that were in your publications, or a Preview of Articles for the upcoming year. Remind them how you met their needs or show them what they could miss. Also consider putting this information in member-renewal letters. 

Start Chapters and Recruit Members (Some People Really Want To Get Involved--Don't Disappoint Them!)

Who better to start chapters, serve as volunteer leaders, or recruit new members than Shapers? While their numbers may be small compared to other member types, they will work very hard for your association. Need to staff a committee? Contact the Shapers. This is one way that YTheyJoin makes your job easier.

Certification Programs (More Prestige, Better Recognition)

Target the Boosters for certification programs. They look to the association to improve the profession's image or their own standing. Send them copies of important press releases to show how the profession is being promoted. Recognize promotions. Give awards. Take their pictures. Toot their horn!



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