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A Smart Database

Every database that contains member info should have more than name, address, and basic demographics. It should also tell you the member's needs and expectations, and it should do this simply and elegantly. That's the reason for the YTheyJoin Smart Database.

The YTheyJoin Smart Database is dynamic and enables you to bring it alive in many ways: 

bulletFind the members who are willing to teach seminars, write articles, give speeches
bulletFind the members who will mobilize quickly when potential legislation impacts your organization
bulletFind the members who will staff committees or start a new chapter
bulletFind the members who are most likely to attend meetings and seminars
bulletFind the members who are most likely to recruit new members
bulletDesign targeted renewal letters (especially important for first-year members)
bulletDesign targeted services and products

YTheyJoin starts with a one-page form that goes to every member to complete. The form is a fixed-sum preference scale that lists several services provided by your association, and the member spends 100 points to explain his or her most important needs and expectations. The process is very simple for the respondent and usually takes just a few minutes. The form can be a dedicated mailing, part of your member or renewal application, part of your welcome-aboard packet, in your magazine or newsletter, posted on your web site, or any other methods you may like.

YTheyJoin reviews all the completed forms and based on their answers a 3-digit marketing code (member type) is assigned to each member. Then the association enters the codes into its membership database, much like entering a zip codeŽ. YTheyJoin never has a copy of your database or access to it.

The code that each person receives tells their: primary member type; strength of that category; and secondary member type. For example, John Smith may be a "267" which means "Relevant Participant-60 Points-Altruistic." Here are some other examples.

156 means "Mailboxer-50 points-Booster"

382 means "Shaper-80 points-Relevant Participant"

744 means "Altruistic-40 points-CompShopper"

In addition to the codes, YTheyJoin also provides you with a Workbook that describes each member type in detail, has marketing ideas and resonant statements for each member type, and  has a list of all the 3-digit codes.

(Note-The YTheyJoin survey form and the Workbook are copyrighted.)



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