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A Product of the Allegiance Research Group



YTheyJoin is the only target marketing/segmentation program that tells you how members want to interact with your association based on their current and future needs. This is different from data mining that is based on past behavior. Our licensing agreement allows you to assign marketing codes to your members based on the following categories.

The Nine YTheyJoin Categories

Mailboxers: primarily want involvement through the mail, computer, or hand-helds.

Relevant Participants: attend conventions, seminars if relevant.

Shapers: most active and want to shape association policy.

CompShoppers: compare the association to other organizations or info/benefits.

Cognoscenti: want the association to add to their fund of knowledge.

Boosters: the association improves their image.

Altruistics: share the values of the association and have interest in advocacy.

Doubters: tend to resist change and new initiatives.

Non-Relevants: status has changed and association may not be relevant

The Process

The process is very simple. Every member fills out a brief form and, based on their answers, a 3-digit code is written at the top of each form. Then the association enters the codes into its member database. The form can be a dedicated mailing, part of your member application or welcome-aboard packet, in your magazine or newsletter, on your Web site, etc.

The code that each member receives tells their primary marketing category, strength of that category, and secondary marketing category. For example, John Smith may be a "267" which means "Relevant Participant-60 Points-Altruistic." With this info in your database you can target market to spend money more efficiently, improve member services, increase retention, and create opportunities for the association. For example:


Target Shapers to serve on committees, develop chapters, recruit new members.


Target Altruistics for letter-writing campaigns to legislators.


Send repeated meeting announcements only to Relevant Participants.


Send Mailboxers an Annual Index of your magazine articles or a Preview of next year.


Design different renewal letters and provide incentives based on the nine categories.

We also provide the Allegiance Workbook that has extensive marketing ideas, the YTheyJoin Pie Chart that shows which categories dominate your association, and a Summary of Implications.

Why it is Different

YTheyJoin knows that members have varying needs and expectations. They attend meetings, buy products, read articles, become volunteer leaders, and mobilize for action at varying rates. YTheyJoin is different than any other programs you may use because:

bulletIt is unlike data mining that is based on past behavior, is time-consuming, and has little or no info on first-year members.
bulletIt is unlike mass marketing that is expensive and assumes everyone is the same.
bulletIt is unlike membership surveys that go to just a small, random sample.
bulletIt is unlike membership or renewal applications that are cold and impersonal.

Read the Book!

For those desiring more information about how YTheyJoin (formerly called Allegiance) was developed please see the book by Dr. Dale Paulson. It is called Allegiance: Fulfilling the Promise of One-to-One Marketing for Associations and the book is available at

Contact Us

Dale Paulson is the inventor and sole provider of YTheyJoin (formerly called Allegiance).

Dale Paulson, Ph.D.
Allegiance Research Group
3213 Duke Street, #803
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone   703-772-5263



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